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Consistency in Persistency

Have you ever had some kind of epiphany, a vision that makes you want to strive for a particular goal? Do you ever find yourself lacking the burning passion after some time and eventually giving up on that goal? No matter how big or small, fulfilling a goal on a consistent basis can be downright difficult.

Simply put, fulfilling goals leads to some kind of growth, whether it be in physical, mental, or spiritual terms. But in a world that promotes and demands instant gratification, it can be difficult to follow through. Some goals, especially the ones that significantly alter life, require a great amount of time, patience, and determination. Allow me to explain the time consuming aspect of goals, approaches to achieving a goal, and why it is worth the time and effort.

The most fulfilling goals are the most time consuming.

For example, there are so many unreliable and unhealthy fad diets out there that guarantee quick weight loss. Many dieters lack patience which makes those options very attractive to them. From personal experience, the reliable and healthy method of exercise and proper dieting takes many weeks and months before you can see results. The point is, due to how time consuming goals can be, many of us just lose heart and drop it altogether without even trying.

As cliché as it may sound, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities were not built overnight. Most of them would say it was their determination and patience that led them to where they are today. While I’m not suggesting we will all reach that level, you can at the least emulate their approach and harness the power of stubborn persistence. If you are inspired, here are some personal methods that have allowed me to fulfill my goals.

Write down your goals which will keep you focused.

To illustrate, if you’re like me and tend to lose focus, this helps tremendously. I learned this method from a friend who added his goals on his phone. You can write them on a piece of paper and post it anywhere you’d like, whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator, etc. Basically, put yourself in a position where you can be reminded and focused the moment you wake up and when you go to bed.

Now, while this all sounds extreme the ends justify the means. Repetition plays a key role when having to remind yourself of your goals so this method is very helpful. The point is to hold yourself accountable, to view goals in a long term sense, and most importantly, to maintain a consistent focus. Once you make a habit of doing this, incorporating goals into your daily life is much simpler.

Keep track of your progress to remind yourself that your effort is not being wasted.

It is best to think of every new goal as a start of an exciting journey, so make it a point to document your milestones.   The purpose of this is to show evidence that your hard work is translating into results.

As a personal example, three months into my diet I checked my log and found that I’d lost over 20 pounds. During those three months, I had my ups and downs but looking back, that time was not wasted. Obviously, I felt encouraged to continue but most importantly, I was seeing results and making some great progress. Ultimately, it was my log that helped me sustain my determination and allowing me to push forward in fulfilling my goal. I still find myself going through my old logs for added inspiration towards my other goals.

Having others keep you accountable is also a great way to maintain focus.

Your journey does not need to be lonely, as it is very beneficial to involve those around you. While I was dieting, my family served as a great support network and prevented me from cheating. As a result, without them achieving my goal would have been much more difficult. Take advantage of what’s around you and allow others to shoulder your burden and assist you in completing your goals.

Achieving goals is an activity that leads to increased self-esteem and growth.

When my diet was over, I definitely felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride for following through despite the difficulties I faced. These kinds of experiences can strengthen your resolve and give you the confidence and courage to face greater personal challenges. It is that confidence and courage that can turn dreams and visions into reality.

Your achievements can be an inspiration to those around you.

Many of us drawn to and motivated by Leonardo Da Vinci or Steve Jobs, people who accomplished so much in their lifetime. They are great reminders of the amount of innovation and determination that we need if we want to be able to fulfill our goals. If you are looking to reach a specific goal, it is helpful to see how others approached and completed that objective.

Goals can bring you closer to those who are in the same boat as you.

During my diet, I had a friend who was also trying to incorporate more exercise and a healthier diet in his life. Knowing that we were not alone was encouraging, which made the whole process much easier. It was through that process we bonded because of what we went through together. Find people who have similar goals as you can confide in each other and make your objectives much more attainable.


In closing, creating and achieving goals is a difficult yet rewarding experience that all of us should incorporate into our daily lives. Yes, there will be instances where you won’t see results even after an extended period of time, leading to frustration. But by possessing a great amount of patience and persistence, giving up will be an afterthought. Step away from the culture of instant gratification and live not just for the destination but for the journey.

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