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Want to get away? Go camping!

Ouch, good luck paying for that buddy!

I think at some point, we’ve all felt like the man in the commercial. That idea of wanting to run away and in our minds, visualizing an epic escape to some far away paradise. Obviously, running away is never good but sometimes, we just need that temporary getaway to maintain our sanity. With that being said, one of my favorite things to do when I’m in a dire need to get away is to go camping. And having gone camping recently, I thought I’d like to share some of what I feel makes camping so darn great.

  1. It allows you to clear your head and organize your thoughts

Distractions, distractions, distractions. There are so many distractions! Television, Twitter, Facebook, video games, you name it. This in addition to other countless distractions are such a big part of our daily lives. Once you go camping, you’re away from it all as there is no such thing as internet or television in the wilderness. No more checking up on what your favorite celebrity is eating for dinner or going to your favorite forum to find the latest in Laker news (Guilty).

All you have left are your thoughts and you are no longer preoccupied nor distracted by outside forces. Giving yourself time to clear and reorganize your mind will leave you feeling emancipated and refreshed once you come back to the real world. Our bodies take in a great amount of mental stress, and camping as a means of mental detox might just be what the doctor ordered.

  1. It reminds you just how beautiful and sophisticated nature is

Just a couple of blocks away from where I live there was once an unused area that was populated with countless trees, extending a couple of acres as far as the eye can see. Only recently did they burn it down to make room for large corporations such as Target and Old Navy, effectively making it local town center. We’re always surrounded by corporate buildings and homes that we forget what its like to be in a natural area, free from human interference.

Well, one such place I can name is Kings Canyon, a national park located east of Fresno in Northern California. I’ve been there a number of times but I’m always enthralled and awed by its ageless beauty. Here is one of my favorite spots when I was hiking:391754_10151387093517388_35879381_n

  1. Great opportunity for exercise

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Finding time to exercise can be so tough with all those daily obligations we have to deal with such as work and school. When you’re camping, you’ll find yourself walking around all the time, whether its to the bathroom or to gather water. But of course, you’ll want to do some hiking if you want to break a sweat.

All national parks have a numerous amount of trails that can range between 2-16 miles. For those that don’t hike or exercise often, I would recommend around 4-6 which should give you a fairly good workout. Usually, the trails feature some kind of awesome natural treasure at the end which gives you incentive to hike in the first place. Believe me when I say you will feel invigorated and accomplished once you reach your destination. Here are some gems that I found along the way to my goal:284556_10151387091507388_304693812_n

The first half of the supposedly third largest tree in the world (some places say second), standing at 46,608 cubic feet:296796_10151387095407388_605250482_n

The second half, so ginormous! :O260103_10151387095502388_225931924_n

  1. You get a quality night’s sleep with fresh air

There really is no comparison when it comes to getting some quality sleep camping compared to when you sleep in your home. Night and day folks. I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks when waking up! I believe the reason for this is mainly due to the quality of the air that the wilderness provides. I won’t go into great detail, but its a given that many of us are exposed to various toxins, thus affecting the quality of the air we breathe. And so, the unadulterated air in the wilderness can only do your body some good. Scary part is, we’re probably not getting enough of it!

  1. Food tastes amazing!

I don’t know if it is just me but whatever I eat camping tastes a hundred times better than if I were to eat the same back at home. Perhaps it is the fact that there is nothing else to eat but whatever is in front of you. My mom always told me if you starve enough, any food, including the ones you hate with a passion will become edible. Only caveat is the fact that you have to deal with a horde of flies and bees which can get incredibly annoying in a hurry.

So good……551777_10151387094887388_1254329013_n

  1. It makes for a great opportunity to bond

It has gotten dark, and the refreshing but ice cold breeze hits your face as you work quickly start a fire that will be your oasis for the rest of the evening. With the rest of your companions feeling the same need for warmth, they congregate around you and so a night of quality bonding goes underway as the stars watch with envy.

Romantic, is it not? I’m a sucker for all things romantic so my apologies to those who threw up a little. You know you appreciated my poetic genius though! Okay, I’ll stop. ūüėÄ

But in all seriousness, camping can be such a great way to bond with those who’ve accompanied you on your trip. Given that you’re around them for most of the time, it is only natural that there might be a sense of closeness and solidarity as you get to know one another to a greater level. Camping is a kind of journey that brings people closer as they are experiencing it together.

“And there’s no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now…”

You must be convinced by now…

Honestly, when I was younger I did not fully appreciate the benefits of camping but as an adult who has stress to deal with, I appreciate it so much more. Camping is a wonderful experience that everyone should enjoy at various points in their lives. The wilderness just has this therapeutic element that helps heal and restore the mind, body, and soul. So grab your tents and mosquito repellent and find your nearest national park and indulge in the wonders of nature!

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A glint of light within the dark tunnel

Waking up at 8:00 this morning, I felt a chill that had me shivering from head to toe.  Mother nature laughed at my feeble attempts to keep warm, and putting on more layers of clothing did nothing to ameliorate the clattering of my teeth. It was all so unusual, since I am known for being able to resist cold weather. But I saw very quickly why today in particular was and will probably be the coldest day of the year.

Coming home from the dentist, I decided to stop by a Subway to buy food for the family. ¬†To pass the time while standing in line, I shifted my eyes towards a television that was displaying CNN. Immediately, I see the headline: “20 children killed, including 6 adults in Connecticut elementary school.” ¬†Abominable, abhorrent, sick, twisted, senseless, surreal. These were the words running through my mind as I was stunned by what I’d just witnessed. In my mind, trying to make sense of what occurred was simply futile, since there is no method to Adam Lanza’s madness.

Reading upon the details of what transpired, I was further saddened by this new low that I didn’t even think was possible. ¬†To think that someone could go beyond the¬†monstrosity¬†of the events that took place in Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the Aurora¬†theater, is unsettling to say the least. ¬†This tragedy hits home with me in particular since I have a baby nephew, who to me is a treasure and is the most precious child in the world who can do no wrong (that is, until I have a child of my own). ¬†Upon seeing him, I gave him a tight hug and held him close like there was no tomorrow. ¬†Just the thought of someone laying a hand on my nephew made my blood boil, and I felt even more pain in my heart for those innocent lives that were abruptly taken away.

Now, while my heart and the hearts of others remain heavy at the moment, I feel it is important remain hopeful of this world despite these tragic acts. ¬†It is easy to hate the world and become disillusioned, pessimistic, and cynical towards fellow human beings. ¬†However, that is exactly what “they” want. ¬†When I say they, I am referring to the perpetrators such as Adam Lanza and James Holmes. ¬†Wanting to drag us down to their level, they commit these acts in the attempt to triumph over the goodwill and heart that many of us possess and are capable of displaying; instead, they are trying to compel and enable feelings of hatred and anger, ugly emotions that we also intrinsically possess.

By remaining idle and indulging in the filth left behind these rotten cowards, we are letting them win. ¬†So what are we to do during times like these? Here are just a few lessons I’ve been taught over the years:

1. Show love and respect to your fellow man, even if they don’t return it in kind. ¬†Simply, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

2. Be a pillar for someone who is struggling physically and emotionally.  Lift those around you higher by being a positive influence.

3. Do good works and deeds.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter and help those in need. Be selfless, and contribute to something bigger than yourself.

4. Keep your friends close but your family closer.  A bond with a friend can be temporary, but a bond with family is eternal.

5. Love yourself. While we have many weaknesses, we also possess wonderful qualities that often outweighs our shortcomings.  Appreciate and emphasize your strengths and use them to make the world a better place.

Gandhi¬†truly says it best when he says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ¬†There are many things in this world that are out of our control; however, we can most certainly control our own attitude and the way we approach life. ¬†Lets look within ourselves, demonstrate the capability of the human heart, and triumph over the darkness with a blinding light.

I dedicate this post to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary and their families. Adam Lanza has failed.  Your memories only strengthen us and has only brought us closer together.  Rest in peace.


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Musings of a frustrated fan on Michael Brown

Mike Brown “coaching” in the final seconds of a playoff game

Calm, cool and collected. Real smooth coach.

Michael Brown, where do I begin? From zero to hero to zero, the man is in every sense of the word an enigma. His unpredictable yet predictable style of coaching has left players, fans, sports analysts, and most likely at this point, the Laker’s front office scratching their heads. After a year and a couple of games, the public has openly voiced their displeasure towards the coach, asking for his resignation. How has it gotten this bad? Well, lets see…..

Brown’s Rise to Power

Before I dig into Mike Brown like a T-bone steak, I think its worth explaining his erm… background or lack thereof. First, if you look at greatest coaches in the NBA today, you’ll see that most have a rich background in basketball. Some noteworthy coaches like Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan were once players, so they had an advantage of understanding how the game is played and its nuances due to their extensive experience. Mike Brown on the other hand, never played a single game in the NBA (played some college ball at a community college and university, go figure!) and made his rise as a head coach by starting off as a video coordinator intern and bouncing around through multiple assistant coaching gigs. Then by some stroke of luck, he got his chance with the Cavaliers and his team (aka LeBron) did deliver for a couple of seasons and even making the Finals once.

Notice I emphasized video coordinator. Now, Mike Brown is known as a stats guy who constantly reviews game tapes. His employer, the Lakers’ own Jim Buss was quoted as jokingly saying he hired Brown to get his hands on those recordings. Also, Brown has a penchant for saying the right things, or more like saying what people want to hear. The man is clearly gifted in the art of persuasion if he could woo the front office of the Lakers to buy into his plan. For goodness sake, even Kobe praised him in the beginning for his sharp attention to detail. This all sounds so beautiful on paper doesn’t it? While it may seem so, here are the reasons why fans in general have a dissenting opinion towards Mike Brown.

Problem #1: Questionable rotations

Every basketball player has their own strengths and weaknesses. It seems Brown has a tendency to have his players play roles in which they are not suited for. For instance, last season Mike made Ron Artest come off the bench in hopes to generate a sixth man ala Jamal Crawford. Such a failure was this experiment that not even a quarter through the season did the coach move Ron back into the starting lineup.

Another example and probably the most sad victim in Brown’s mad experiment was Ramon Sessions. In his first few games as a Laker, he played with his instincts which produced some very fruitful results. He was basically playing to his strengths with his slashing ability and good court vision. However, about a month in Mike intervened and something clearly changed. I saw Ramon not going to the basket as often and instead, settling for jump shots which was not an area he was not particularly strong in. By playoff time, he’d lost all his confidence and performed poorly in his given role as a spot up shooter. Mike admitted to the media that Ramon was confused about his role when he came up to the coach and said, “You know coach, going down the stretch, I didn‚Äôt have a great feel for what you wanted to do offensively.”

There is much more but I’m going to briefly list some of Brown’s other questionable rotations. Playing Blake at shooting guard, having Ebanks and Artest backup shooting guard, making Jamison the backup small forward, playing inexperienced and inept Darius Morris, and much much more. If you know these players and how they play, then you’ll see why people are scratching their heads at these decisions. Perhaps the worst part of all of this is instead of choosing to adjust and make the more obvious choice, Mike stubbornly continues to go with what he believes will work. Oh me and my….

Problem #2: Poor time management for star players

As good as Kobe and Pau Gasol still are, it is no secret that they’re no spring chickens at this juncture, thus necessitating that they get as much rest as possible. So far in this young season, Kobe is averaging 37 minutes while Pau a leading 37.6, very very high numbers for players at their advanced age. It is a Mike’s job as coach to ensure his players are well rested and not carrying the whole load but due to his questionable lineups, the Lakers are always trailing behind which forces Kobe and Pau to play those heavy minutes in the first place.

The worst was perhaps near the end of a 20+ blowout against Detroit, when Mike Brown in a stroke of genius decided to put back in the whole starting lineup despite the fact their lead was insurmountable. Injuries can make or break a team yet Brown decided even in the midst of a sure victory, he had to risk it for a reason that nobody can possibly comprehend.

Problem #3: Respect

Prior to Brown’s hire the Lakers had a coach by the name of Phil Jackson, a living legend and probably the best NBA coach of all time. He has the respect of fans, players, and coaches alike, who still continue to acknowledge him as an excellent coach who possesses a cool and witty vibe. Brown on the other hand, is definitely not the calm, cool, and collected type. If you need evidence watch the youtube video once again.

Most importantly, there seem to be moments when Brown is not involved in the timeout huddles or coming up with offensive or defensive play. In response to this anomaly, Mike revealed his philosophy of letting assistant coaches take control of the game every now and then. That’s kind of you Mike, but you should always be coaching during the most crucial moments of the game. If you need evidence observe the GIF image once again.

So what can Mike Brown expect for all this? Lack of respect of course! Countless times have I seen players shrug off and disregard Mike’s words and even sometimes deliberately disobey his commands. The one that sticks out most was last years game against the Celtics, where in a close game former Laker Andrew Bynum hit a game winning hookshot. During the post-game interview, Kobe admitted straight up that he shrugged off the play that was meant for him and instead went to Bynum who won the game for them. The proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen. Here is another gem/hint on how Laker players truly feel about Mike:

“Right now, coach is a stats guy. His background is video coordinator or whatever. So he’s all stats. But Ron Artest is all feel.” – Ron Artest

There are some more things to cover but I think I got the basics. None of this can be comforting to any fan, and while it is on the players to win the games, winning always starts from the top. Coaching is definitely a part of this and if that foundation crumbles, what will there be to build on? What can any team hope to build through Mike Brown?

Here is an article that just further solidifies the public’s view:

When it rains, it pours my friends.


It appears that the front office decided to read my post and decide to let Brown go. But in all seriousness, it looked like he was going be given at least a few more games given Jim Buss’ comment about not panicking just yet. At any rate, the Lakers cruised to a blowout tonight and I don’t think it is any coincidence that they played so well tonight.

With all that being said, this post was not meant to insult Mike Brown personally in any way whatsoever. To those out there who threatened him or his family personally on twitter, shame on you! At the end of the day, it is just a game and it is just asinine to take it any more seriously than that. I might write something in the future regarding this issue. Till then, peace!

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Consistency in Persistency

Have you ever had some kind of epiphany, a vision that makes you want to strive for a particular goal? Do you ever find yourself lacking the burning passion after some time and eventually giving up on that goal? No matter how big or small, fulfilling a goal on a consistent basis can be downright difficult.

Simply put, fulfilling goals leads to some kind of growth, whether it be in physical, mental, or spiritual terms. But in a world that promotes and demands instant gratification, it can be difficult to follow through. Some goals, especially the ones that significantly alter life, require a great amount of time, patience, and determination. Allow me to explain the time consuming aspect of goals, approaches to achieving a goal, and why it is worth the time and effort.

The most fulfilling goals are the most time consuming.

For example, there are so many unreliable and unhealthy fad diets out there that guarantee quick weight loss. Many dieters lack patience which makes those options very attractive to them. From personal experience, the reliable and healthy method of exercise and proper dieting takes many weeks and months before you can see results. The point is, due to how time consuming goals can be, many of us just lose heart and drop it altogether without even trying.

As cliché as it may sound, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities were not built overnight. Most of them would say it was their determination and patience that led them to where they are today. While I’m not suggesting we will all reach that level, you can at the least emulate their approach and harness the power of stubborn persistence. If you are inspired, here are some personal methods that have allowed me to fulfill my goals.

Write down your goals which will keep you focused.

To illustrate, if you’re like me and tend to lose focus, this helps tremendously. I learned this method from a friend who added his goals on his phone. You can write them on a piece of paper and post it anywhere you’d like, whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator, etc. Basically, put yourself in a position where you can be reminded and focused the moment you wake up and when you go to bed.

Now, while this all sounds extreme the ends justify the means. Repetition plays a key role when having to remind yourself of your goals so this method is very helpful. The point is to hold yourself accountable, to view goals in a long term sense, and most importantly, to maintain a consistent focus. Once you make a habit of doing this, incorporating goals into your daily life is much simpler.

Keep track of your progress to remind yourself that your effort is not being wasted.

It is best to think of every new goal as a start of an exciting journey, so make it a point to document your milestones.   The purpose of this is to show evidence that your hard work is translating into results.

As a personal example, three months into my diet I checked my log and found that I’d lost over 20 pounds. During those three months, I had my ups and downs but looking back, that time was not wasted. Obviously, I felt encouraged to continue but most importantly, I was seeing results and making some great progress. Ultimately, it was my log that helped me sustain my determination and allowing me to push forward in fulfilling my goal. I still find myself going through my old logs for added inspiration towards my other goals.

Having others keep you accountable is also a great way to maintain focus.

Your journey does not need to be lonely, as it is very beneficial to involve those around you. While I was dieting, my family served as a great support network and prevented me from cheating. As a result, without them achieving my goal would have been much more difficult. Take advantage of what’s around you and allow others to shoulder your burden and assist you in completing your goals.

Achieving goals is an activity that leads to increased self-esteem and growth.

When my diet was over, I definitely felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride for following through despite the difficulties I faced. These kinds of experiences can strengthen your resolve and give you the confidence and courage to face greater personal challenges. It is that confidence and courage that can turn dreams and visions into reality.

Your achievements can be an inspiration to those around you.

Many of us drawn to and motivated by Leonardo Da Vinci or Steve Jobs, people who accomplished so much in their lifetime. They are great reminders of the amount of innovation and determination that we need if we want to be able to fulfill our goals. If you are looking to reach a specific goal, it is helpful to see how others approached and completed that objective.

Goals can bring you closer to those who are in the same boat as you.

During my diet, I had a friend who was also trying to incorporate more exercise and a healthier diet in his life. Knowing that we were not alone was encouraging, which made the whole process much easier. It was through that process we bonded because of what we went through together. Find people who have similar goals as you can confide in each other and make your objectives much more attainable.


In closing, creating and achieving goals is a difficult yet rewarding experience that all of us should incorporate into our daily lives. Yes, there will be instances where you won’t see results even after an extended period of time, leading to frustration. But by possessing a great amount of patience and persistence, giving up will be an afterthought. Step away from the culture of instant gratification and live not just for the destination but for the journey.

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Where was I during 9/11?

Feels like yesterday doesn’t it? ¬†Nowadays, you’ll see people on the news recounting stories of where they were during 9/11. ¬†I’m sure many of us could do the same, due to how monumental and catastrophic the event was. It has been eleven years and since then, many rumors and¬†conspiracy¬†theories have surfaced regarding the validity of what really¬†occurred. ¬†Nonetheless, I will not provide any opinions regarding that matter as I only wish to discuss my own personal recollection of the event as it happened.¬†So where was I during 9/11?

I recall being in math class, full of despair and stressed out as it was one of my least favorite subjects.  About midway through the session, my teacher randomly stormed out of the classroom.  Needless to say, I was one very happy little seventh grader as I gave a emphatic high five to a friend who shared my misery. Nonetheless, the instructor came back with a television set and little did I know that I was about to witness one of the greatest American tragedies since Pearl Harbor.

The instructor flipped the switch, and immediately I see two tall buildings on fire about to collapse. Pandemonium has broken loose, with people panicking, screaming, and running as far away as they can as the buildings crumbled to the ground. It was simply surreal, like something out of a movie. Feeling frightened, shocked, and helpless, I was struggling to make sense of what was going on. ¬†I knew it was a day I’d never forget as long as I live.

I dedicate this post to those that lost their lives in that tragedy as well as their surviving family members and friends. To those brave men and women who made a valiant rescue attempt despite the great danger involved, you are true heroes who deserve countless recognition and praise.

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Don’t be like Mike

The fadeaway, the tongue, the shrugging of the shoulders. Sound familiar? Such were the many iconic moments of one Michael Jordan, a great basketball player who revolutionized the game. Despite his “retirement” many years ago, his popularity has not waned one bit. ¬†His popularity is so great that the birth of the slogan, “Be like Mike” came to fruition. Since then, many aspiring professional players have modeled their games after the legend, most notably Kobe Bryant, another great player but I digress. At any rate, so immense is Jordan’s influence that he has both young and old playing a game of monkey see, monkey do on the playground. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but at the same time, it can be a deterrent to originality.

Now before you jump into conclusions, I think the attempted imitations of Jordan’s game is somewhat necessary and I myself am guilty of trying the same thing, naturally resulting in embarrassment. To be more specific, this post relates not to basketball but to something much deeper, namely conformity and the self. I was trying to think of a great opener to discuss one of my favorite essays “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emmerson and I felt a basketball reference would suffice and grab your attention with a controversial title. It worked didn’t it?

To briefly describe “Self-Reliance” in one sentence, it is an essay that addresses and stresses noncomformity and individuality. I once read this essay as part of a curriculum for a English literature course, and I was pretty blown away by its thought provoking points concerning the individual. There are so many quotes I want to reference but for the sake of not becoming overly monotonous, I’ll just go over ones that stood out to me personally. Just a warning though, the language may sound somewhat archaic so I’ll do my best to properly translate the meaning.

‚ÄúMan is timid and apologetic; he is no longer upright; he dares not say ‚ÄúI think,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúI am,‚ÄĚ but quotes some saint or sage.‚ÄĚ

Everybody has an opinion on a variety of matters, whether it be politics, sports, movies, etc. The difference is whether or not the individual will make their opinion known or hide them out of some kind of fear that their true thoughts will cause them to be ostracized by society. Emerson addresses the latter, calling out those “individuals” for hiding in the shadows of their contemporaries. Instead of providing their own unique response to a question, they respond with a canned and popular opinion that was already manufactured by someone else. Therefore, their words and actions are scripted and not spontaneous which clearly irks Emerson.

“Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras, Socrates, Jesus, were misunderstood. To be great is to be misunderstood.‚ÄĚ

Wait, that makes no sense! Who would want to be misunderstood and why? When an individual acts or speaks in a way that is unprecedented, people have a tendency to become uncomfortable. Why the apprehension? It is what people don’t know or understand that causes fear, the fear of the unfamiliar. Now, the individuals that Emerson mentions are those that have become immortalized for their unique way of thinking during their time. But it is important to understand that these individuals were not initially accepted by their peers, and in some extreme cases they acted out of fear. Jesus’ crucifixion in particular, was a product of that intense and irrational fear of the unknown. Nonetheless, he stuck by his convictions to the very end, and despite dying misunderstood by many, he nevertheless died an individual and future generations later acknowledged this and eventually accepted his beliefs as canon. Being misunderstood can be rough at first, but in the end it may pay dividends.

‚ÄúFor nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure. And therefore a man must know how to estimate a sour face.‚ÄĚ

Being a nonconformist is never easy and can come with growing pains. Most folks will see it as a me against the world mentality, and at times allies who share your train of thought will be few and far between. At any rate, Emerson urges the reader to push on despite the heavy resistance and pressure to conform and learn to deal with those sour faces of commonality. The individual does not owe anyone the suppression of their thoughts and feelings. This in turn leads him to write this final thought:

‚ÄúNothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.‚ÄĚ

In conclusion, Emerson is urging the reader to live by their own principles and values and that this in turn will result in a kind of inner peace that nothing else can provide. Essentially, do not conform to anything but individuality and find those that will stimulate and encourage it. On the other hand, although “Self-Reliance” sounds very anti-social in its tone, Emerson never promotes dissenting for the sake of dissenting. In other words, if you have a belief that is in consensus with the majority, there is no need to be a contrarian otherwise you’re cheating yourself, missing the whole point of the essay, and will come off as straight up pretentious. Always have a balance in perspective and embrace not only your individuality from the norm, but the qualities of your individuality that you share with those around you. I’m going to close by quoting a sage but I do so to promote individuality so Emerson can’t call me out here!

‚ÄúBe who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.‚ÄĚ – Dr. Seuss


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Finding the trees and not missing the forest

“It’s not only important to add years to your life…”
-A fortune cookie

Really dude? Did he really just quote a fortune cookie? As you can likely guess, yes I did have Chinese takeout today and yes, I ate many cookies in my quest to find a ingenious piece of knowledge(a piece of paper) that would profoundly change my life. It took about three cookies before I found this little gem, and for some odd reason I decided to hold on to the piece of paper like it was my diploma. Why did I hang onto it? I wasn’t sure at first but later I would thank my crazy self for doing so. Unfortunately, I only saw one half at first.

“It’s not only important to add years to your life…”

According to, the average life expectancy for an American is 78.5 years. That is fairly decent compared to years past, where life expectancy in the 1930’s was around 60 years (likely due to the effects of the Great Depression and limited technology). Now, I’m going to stop right there as I risk going into history nerd mode and digressing further from the theme of this post. Naturally, we all want to live as long as possible, with some of us going to great lengths to ensure we are healthy in mind, body, and spirit. So lets say I could live for 100 years, awesome! The question is, HOW would I live in each of those years? Will they be productive and fulfilling or will it be squandered away? Depending on my answer, trying to add years might be a waste of time if the right mindset isn’t there. I only saw one half at first.

I learned today that a family relative has passed away at over 90 years of age. After a sparing a moment with a silent prayer and reminiscing about the good moments I shared with him, my thoughts shifted back to words of that fortune cookie….

“It’s not only important to add years to your life, but to add life to your years

Now I finally saw the other half. I was compelled to really think about the other half of the sentence I had just briefly glossed over. Age is nothing but a number, as we are not defined by the length of our lives, but by what we do within that length. A person who merely lives 70 years does not compare to a person who added “life” to their 40 years. For those of us still here, it is never too late to re-evaluate ourselves and strive towards a life filled with vivacity and passion! Are you eating to live, living to eat, or eating to live to eat? Now there is some food for thought!


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