Finding the trees and not missing the forest

20 Aug

“It’s not only important to add years to your life…”
-A fortune cookie

Really dude? Did he really just quote a fortune cookie? As you can likely guess, yes I did have Chinese takeout today and yes, I ate many cookies in my quest to find a ingenious piece of knowledge(a piece of paper) that would profoundly change my life. It took about three cookies before I found this little gem, and for some odd reason I decided to hold on to the piece of paper like it was my diploma. Why did I hang onto it? I wasn’t sure at first but later I would thank my crazy self for doing so. Unfortunately, I only saw one half at first.

“It’s not only important to add years to your life…”

According to, the average life expectancy for an American is 78.5 years. That is fairly decent compared to years past, where life expectancy in the 1930’s was around 60 years (likely due to the effects of the Great Depression and limited technology). Now, I’m going to stop right there as I risk going into history nerd mode and digressing further from the theme of this post. Naturally, we all want to live as long as possible, with some of us going to great lengths to ensure we are healthy in mind, body, and spirit. So lets say I could live for 100 years, awesome! The question is, HOW would I live in each of those years? Will they be productive and fulfilling or will it be squandered away? Depending on my answer, trying to add years might be a waste of time if the right mindset isn’t there. I only saw one half at first.

I learned today that a family relative has passed away at over 90 years of age. After a sparing a moment with a silent prayer and reminiscing about the good moments I shared with him, my thoughts shifted back to words of that fortune cookie….

“It’s not only important to add years to your life, but to add life to your years

Now I finally saw the other half. I was compelled to really think about the other half of the sentence I had just briefly glossed over. Age is nothing but a number, as we are not defined by the length of our lives, but by what we do within that length. A person who merely lives 70 years does not compare to a person who added “life” to their 40 years. For those of us still here, it is never too late to re-evaluate ourselves and strive towards a life filled with vivacity and passion! Are you eating to live, living to eat, or eating to live to eat? Now there is some food for thought!


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